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2008-04-28: I found this ring So a few months ago I lost my Olin College class ring. 2006-05-10: Great article on Olin College in IEEE Spectrum IEEE Spectrum, the magazine of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, ran a feature … 2006-06-03: Back in Oklahoma City I’ve graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Olin … From fundamental science to clinical treatment, the nanotraps developed by Huang and his team represent the potential of his research. There are approximately 1,828 volunteers within the South Carolina Public Health Reserve Corps, consisting of 1,287 non-licensed and 641 licensed health and social science professionals. 2006-05-04: People are humans Lately people have asked me frequently what I want to be doing once I graduate. 2009-01-15: On Reading In the last couple years, I have started reading several books, این سایت but finished very few. 2006-03-23: Thoughts on work styles in Los Angeles I spent a few hours today walking up and down Venice Beach and reminiscing on life. 2006-03-14: Fun with SketchUp I’ve just discovered SketchUp, a fun 3-d drawing program that وب سایت گوگل bought out today. 2008-04-27: New site for my music Tonight I put together a website to showcase some of the music I’ve written over the years. 2007-09-30: Writing my first song in Logic Studio A couple weeks ago I got the new Logic Studio, Apple’s professional-level music writing software. 2007-02-07: Just started breakdancing class While most of you were watching Super Bowl XLI, I went to my first breakdancing class. For three hours, the students showed off the fruits of their year’s work, from microbiology research to earthquake engineering projects to psychological interventions and more. One of my favorite projects is the problem solution essay and video. 2020-01-11: I’m getting excited about Play Date, an upcoming handheld video game system from Panic. Building on his past work, the lab devised a way to harness the naturally active immune system to control tumor growth by activating cytolytic cells, such as NK-cells, and innate immune cells, such as macrophages and dendritic cells, within tumors. We attempt to identify a website’s correct email address for data access requests through an automated system. The best results during the study came from a range of 260 to 280 nanometers, which is commonly used in LED UVC lights.

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